iRed 2 - Preview

- Control your Mac from your iPhone -


Really running on iPhone and iPod Touch?

All screenshots were made with the nice iPhone "simulator" called iPhoney (by marketcircle). However, everything is working on the iPhone as well!

Please note: you don't need to manipulate or jailbreak your iPhone/Touch. iRed 2 only depends on built-in software, mainly the Safari browser.

A Warning

iRed 2 preview is what it's called - a preview. You will be able to get it running, edit the RCs and use it on your iPhone/iTouch. However, the file format of the preview is very likely to be changed until 2.0 release. So you won't be able to import those files into the release version. Sorry for that.


In iRed 2 you'll find an "Send Feedback..." button under the Help menu. It will open a new Mail window addressed to


The PDF manual is a separate download (ca. 2 MB, also on mirror server). As well as iRed 2 itself, the manual is "work in progress". The current manual is version 1.0 of July, 4th.

For up-to-date-additions, please see the FAQ page.


... is easy. Just open the DMG package, drag&drop the application icon to your preferred folder and go.

Besides the application itself, iRed 2 will create some folders and files in your home directory:

  • Library/Preferences/de.tinb.iRed2.plist
  • Library/Caches/iRed2
  • Library/Application Support/iRed2

To uninstall, simply drag the application and these files and folders into the trash.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.9 (Tiger) at least. iRed 2 will definitely not run on 10.3.x (Panther).


iRed 2 preview 6 can be downloaded from here: iRed_2.0p6.dmg (about 2.4 MB), mirrored here.

User Forum

The forum is still under construction :)

You'll need to register to make comments or ask questions, though. Due to heavy spam attacks lateley, I ask you to send me a separate mail after getting your "activation is pending" mail.

Thanks, Robert


iTunes-RC as seen in iRed:

Frame selected:

Inspector for layout options:

Gradient Inspector for great designs:

iRed 2 is Copyright (c) 2007-2008 by tin:b Software,