iRed 2 - Preview

- Control your Mac from your iPhone or iPod Touch -


Online Preview

Point your iPhone or Safari 3 browser to this page.

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This preview is obsolete!

Please visit the new iRed2 site

This preview is obsolete!

Please visit the new iRed2 site

... but not only from the iPhone

Use any web browser on any computer anywhere to control your Mac at home!

  • Control iTunes from your mobile device - best from the iPhone or iPod Touch!
  • Control your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation - using your iPhone
  • Control your HiFi, Video, DVD, whatever, by infrared from your Mac
    (*) This requires an IRTrans USB or LAN device. See iRed pages for details.
  • Create your own remote controls with iRed's graphical editor
  • or browse iRed's online repository to see what other users have designed

The best user experience is to be expected from the iPhone. iRed 2 was especially built to run beautifully on this magic device.

Applications on the iPhone and iPod Touch? How?

You're right, Apple has closed the iPhone almost completely. BUT: running Safari on the iPhone allows you to call any web page from any browser - with some minor limitations like no flash, no Java, though.

iRed 2 features an integrated web server and so you only need to point your Safari to this web server. The web adress is only a little bit special like this: "http://mymac:4142/".

iRed 2 Preview

While iRed 1 is a ripe product on the market for years, iRed 2 is under development. The current version is meant to be a preview, i.e. the application has not yet reached its full potential, the user interface is somewhat "under construction" and you're very likely to encounter bugs and even crashes.

However, to make iRed 2 an outstanding product, I'll count on your participation to make suggestions, tell me your wishes and ideas.

To download and try out the preview version, go to the preview details page.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.9 (Tiger) at least. iRed 2 will definitely not run on 10.3.x (Panther)

iRed 2 - Final Product

iRed 2.0 is scheduled to be released soon.

Then iRed will become shareware, and a price of about $10 will apply. The integration with IRTrans will cost an additional $15, but this will also be included in a bundle with IRTrans (as it is now with iRed 1.x).

User Forum

The forum is still under construction :)

You'll need to register to make comments or ask questions, though. Due to heavy spam attacks lateley, I ask you to send me a separate mail after getting your "activation is pending" mail.

Thanks, Robert

Remote Controls
as seen on iPhone:

Sony IR remote:

Terratec remote from a photo:

2 Sonys side-by-side:

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