iRed2 - Remotes for the rest of us

iRed2 has been released in August '09. It replaces and enhances iRed 1. However, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) is required now!

Upgrade? All registered users of iRed 1 got an upgrade email. No? Please contact me at:

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What's up with iRed?

Please click onto the overview, to learn about the possibilities iRed opens up for you.

Click "More ...", to get a new window containing the technical details, go to the download area and browse the manual.

iRed on the iPhone?
iRedTouch on the iPhone is already one of the best universal remotes ever. If you have an IRTrans Ethernet module, iRedTouch directly connects to the IRTrans and no Mac or PC is required for learning and transmitting IR codes. Please visit iRedTouch site for details! iRedTouch is available for purchase from the App Store.

If you have iRed2 installed on your Mac, you may also connect to your IRTrans USB modules from the iPhone/iPod touch or control the Mac's applications.

iRed2 is currently in beta and released soon!

iRed2 will become the best universal remote ever. It will read all your VRCs created in iRed 1.x and will display these on a connected iPhone using a web application. You may control your iTunes, PowerPoint, Keynote, whatever, right from the iPhone!

iRed and Apple Remote?
Bundled with all new Macs you'll now find an built-in IR port and the Apple Remote. If you want to enhance the possibilities of this combination, please have a look at iRed Lite.
Q: Does iRed work with the Apple Remote?
A: Yes. Apple Remote is a fairly standard infrared remote

Q: Is it possible to control Front Row with iRed/IRTrans?
A: Yes! Front Row is controllable by keyboard. iRed can simulate keystrokes, triggered by any infrared code, sent by any remote control.